Metlex One : Blue Edition

Metlex One is back, and this time he is blue.

Blue Edition is here to complete the RGB (Red Green & Blue) Trilogy which begun back in 2007 with the original red version. Metlex One Blue comes with handmade packaging, a 25mm badge and two vinyl stickers.


BEFORE ED-IT : C1200 & C1400

The next two additions to the ‘Before ED-IT’ series are C1200 (Orange) and C1400 (Blue). This series details the life of the ED-IT DJ’s before they formed the group.



‘Before ED-IT’ is a new range of handmade resin robots which detail the life of the ED-IT DJ’s before they formed the group. First up is B5100 in the pre ‘Law of Awareness’ working colour.


4th of July ED-IT DJ Duo!

This 4th of July will see two new resin’s released on the shop. B5100_OQ and D4488 will go live at 9pm BST (UK time) for £70 & £40 respectively.

Z7200 resin

ED-IT DJ’s – Z7200

A fresh new robot based resin will be landing on the shop this coming Monday 17th of Jun at 8pm (BST UK time). Limited to just 1.

Z7200 will be happy to discuss electronics with you in a workshop environment.


ED-IT DJ’s – Z9900_k1 & Z9900_k2

Two new resin bots will be heading on to the shop this coming Wednesday 22nd of May at 9pm GMT UK time. These two guys are all kinds of wild.

Toycon Logo

Toycon – 6th April 2013

The UK’s first ever dedicated designer toy convention takes place in a weeks time on Saturday 6th April. The dudes over at Generic Art asked me if I would be interested in showing some work on their spot, and I gladly accepted their invitation.


Art in the Groove

I was invited by the dudes at Generic Art to take part in their ‘Art in the Groove‘ project. A ton of creative people were sent a 12″ vinyl record to customise however they wished, and here is my creation.

B6400 resin figure

ED-IT DJ’s – B6400

B6400 will be hitting the shop this coming Tuesday 19th of March at 8pm (GMT), limited to an edition of 2 in this ‘Accex Green’ colourway.


ED-IT DJ’s – C1200

I have a new resin arriving on the shop this Thursday 7th of March at 8pm (GMT), limited to an edition of 3 in this ’2068 party’ colourway. Please welcome C1200.