Art in the Groove

I was invited by the dudes at Generic Art to take part in their ‘Art in the Groove‘ project. A ton of creative people were sent a 12″ vinyl record to customise however they wished, and here is my creation.

(See more photos over on my Flickr set)


Nothing lasts forever, so when the ED-IT team need a bit of a refresh, they order new parts from ACCEX Industries Ltd, and send their old used parts back to the refurbishment centre.


ED-IT Refurbishment
Accex Industries Ltd
Lolopext Campus
Osaka Joto-Ku nagata

The Generic Art dudes are planning to showcase all of the designs they have had back (over 40 I am told so far) at a gallery in the near future, and I hear they may also have some at Toycon starting the 6th April.