ED-IT DJ’s – B5600sec1

A special, sneaky, and and one off resin release will also be available this Tuesday 15th February at 9pm (GMT UK time) to coincide with the B5100Jx release.

This B5600sec1 release is a limited edition of 1.

The Fiction:

When performing, the ED-IT DJ’s have a very strong team around them. Formed of primarily colleagues from the factory days, they have an eclectic mix of skills and will always work their hardest.

B5600sec1 is in charge of security and it’s not hard to tell why. His head unit has four visual sensors which enable a full 360 ‘double’ degree view at all times, whilst being packed with state of the art ‘BlueZoom’ technology that allow a for massive resolutions and amazing clarity. He is also very agile, and can often be seen scurrying throughout the nearest gantry to get the optimum view to protect his team.

His exterior casing is super toughened, which affords him extra protection when any rogue droids have to be ejected from a show. He often carries a few scuffs and scars on his person, but it’s all part of the job for our B5600sec1. He really is one bad ass.

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