Kleek – A member of Pext Friends

The Pext Friends are back. Kleek is now here.

Kleek is the second in a series of complimentary friends. These friends are known as the PEXT Friends. This ‘Hawaii Blue Edition’ is a small resin run of 10 from the Tesselate studio, and each character will be signed and numbered (on the bottom).

Available on the Tesselate shop at 9pm BST (UK time) on 17th March 2015 for £10 each + p&p.

Kleek is 6cm /2.4 inches wide and 4.8cm / just under 2 inches tall.

Special Information:

Inside of the packaging header card will be a special life message to each Kleek owner. This Information is revolutionary.

Kleek is quite happy to sit down, look around and judge his surroundings. Just please be careful not to stand on the balls/bum thing on his back.

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